Growing Togther: Improving Education & Community in Tulsa’s Eugene Field & Kendall-Whittier Areas

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Growing Togther: Improving Education & Community in Tulsa's Eugene Field & Kendall-Whittier Areas

By: Rich Fisher 

On this installment of ST, we learn about a locally-rooted socio-economic and educational project called Growing Togther. It’s a nonprofit that works to bring meaningful and lasting change to two different Tulsa neighborhoods marked by concentrated areas of poverty, Eugene Field and Kendall-Whittier. Our guest is Kirk Wester, executive director of Growing Together. As noted at the Growing Together website, Wester’s organization focuses on “creating pathways for children to break the cycle of poverty through education, community vibrancy, and the built environment…. Our neighborhoods are vibrant environments for children to live, learn, and thrive. Families reside in high-quality, affordable housing. Children attend high-performing neighborhood schools. And, residents are invested in creating a thriving community.”

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