Kendall-Whittier Community Forum

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We want to welcome everyone to our new series, the Kendall-Whittier Community Forum. The Community Forum is a place for you to get updated information about resources available to you during this uncertain time.

In this interview, Ronda shares specific information about how your kids will be supported remotely during social distancing and distanced learning.

Check out this video to see what Lori Decter Wright, Executive Director of Kendall-Whittier Inc., has to say about how to access emergency food resources for those who live in our community.

Judith Barba, Growing Together’s new Community Mobilization, shares information about the COVID-19 resource page she has created for those in the Kendall-Whittier community.

Judith Barba comparte información sobre la página de recursos COVID-19 que ha creado para aquellos en la comunidad Kendall-Whittier.

Nikki Dennis, Rogers Jr and College High principal, shares about the efforts that she and her team are doing to ensure that students are receiving proper access to technology, materials and information to be successful during distance learning.

Tulsa Public School’s Chief Operations Officer, Jorge Robles, shares about how you can get access to food and WiFi through new efforts TPS is doing to ensure all students have what they need to be successful.

En el Foro de la Comunidad de Kendalll-Whittier de hoy, escucharán al Jefe de Operaciones de las Escuelas Públicas de Tulsa, Jorge Robles, sobre cómo accesar comida y servicio de Wifi a través de los esfuerzos del distrito escolar para asegurarse que todos los estudiantes tengan lo que necesitan para tener éxito.

Jeff Burdge, Executive Director of Kiva Tulsa, discusses the work Kiva is doing right now to assist small businesses in our city. 

Libby Billings, local restaurant owner, discusses innovated ideas she has to help provide resources to not only her employees, but also to local families who are in need.

 Tulsa City Councilor Kara Joy McKee dives into what is being done about housing evictions, how the City is trying to assure equitable communication and what great resources are available through Tulsa Responds and 211 Eastern Oklahoma – Community Service Council.

Katia Anaya, with Pancho Anaya Bakery, discusses the actions Pancho Anaya is taking to ensure the safety of her staff and clients during this global pandemic.

Katia Anaya, con Pancho Anaya Bakery, comenta las acciones que Pancho Anaya está tomando para garantizar la seguridad de su personal y sus clientes durante esta pandemia global en el Foro de la Comunidad Kendall-Whittier de hoy.

Taylor Painter-Wolfe, a local artist, discusses a creative way to support those who are in need in our neighborhood.

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