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Site Coordinator


Growing Together’s Site Coordinator coordinates supports for students and families, as well as implements programs and activities based upon the specific needs of an assigned school. The Site Coordinator works with school administration, community partners and volunteers to bring needed supports into the school to help students succeed.


Coordinate Site Programs and Activities

  • Conduct school and student needs assessment annually

  • Responsible for developing and implementing all aspects of the School Support Plan

  • Facilitate, coordinate and evaluate identified Tier I (whole-school) programs and activities at the


  • Facilitate, coordinate and collaborate with outside agency programs offered at the school

  • Communicate with GT and Director of Education Partnerships regarding School Support Plan,

    programs and activities

  • Ensure that site programs and supports meet the needs of students, families and school

  • Promote positive relationships between school site, administrative office and community partners

  • Mandatory participation in agency special events and fundraising

Coordinate Supports for Students and Families

  •  Initiate and follow through on selection/referral process at the school

  • Manage a caseload of approximately 65 case-managed students

  • Complete home visit and intake on caseload referrals

  • Prepare, implement, and monitor student/family support plans and case progress

  •  Facilitate and document student involvement in appropriate programs and supports

  • Monitor, document and evaluate student supports and student progress

  • Monitor and document parent involvement, including home visits

  • Maintain student case files and Data Management Tools (CISDM2)

  • Coordinate CIS Team at the Project Site

  • Educate, support, supervise, and evaluate all team members and volunteers under the direction of your projects or GT

Coordinate Volunteers and Repositioned Staff

  • Develop and implement a volunteer recruitment plan for school site

  • Recruit, support, and retain a base of volunteers and repositioned staff at school site

  • Facilitate and monitor the assignment of volunteers/repositioned staff to assist identified students