How Growing Together is making the neighborhood better for children.

Since 2011, Growing Together has been working to improve children’s lives by creating healthy neighborhoods where kids can thrive.

Here are their focus areas: Community Quarterback, Academic Success, Housing, Community Vibrancy and scale.

Over the past decade, Growing Together has had a significant impact on all of these areas, creating a diverse and thriving neighborhood that appeals to anyone.

Community Quarterback

As the local community quarterback, Growing Together supports the collaboration of partners in Kendall-Whittier to advance a resident-driven plan of inclusive neighborhood revitalization that improves the outcomes for its children.

Academic Success

Children are served by a high-quality, neighborhood-serving, education preschool- 12th grade pipeline that aligns with neighborhood improvement plans.


Several mixed-income housing options are available in the neighborhood that fosters/ensures inclusive growth and aligns with a comprehensive neighborhood improvement plan.

Community Vibrancy

Kendall-Whittier is vibrant with inclusive growth, residents’ and parents’ engagement in advancing solutions, a vibrant and representative economic sector, and quality public amenities.