CIS Sets Students and Families Up to Thrive

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Growing Together’s Communities in Schools (CIS) team works with students and their families to provide the resources they need to thrive – both in school and at home. Read about a few of the recent programs, events and student successes from our CIS Site Coordinators.

Visiting Langston University

Langston University, Oklahoma’s only Historically Black College or University, recently hosted a High School Day where high school students could visit and learn more about the university. CIS Site Coordinators at Webster High School noticed this was a chance to showcase opportunities for continuing education to students and took them to the event. During the visit, students learned about Langston University’s culture and academics. They highlighted their clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities. Students also got to see the band perform during the university-provided lunch. Before this event, many of the students had never experienced a college visit and were excited to have the opportunity to learn more. We’re grateful to our CIS Site Coordinators for exposing students to future opportunities they were not previously aware of by taking them to Langston University.


While our CIS Site Coordinators (SCs) work closely with students and staff within our schools, they also provide resources to children and families outside of school. David is an 8th grader whose SC noticed was struggling with his attendance. This was unusual for him, as he is an excellent student with a 3.8 GPA. His SC attempted to speak to him about his attendance, but David was never in class. Through speaking with David’s Mom, his SC learned his family was living in a hotel and didn’t have an operating vehicle. CIS immediately reached out to the Tulsa Public Schools’ Homeless Education Office to coordinate support for David and his family. Tulsa Public Schools  worked with his mother to provide transportation for him and his sister, who is in 9th grade. David’s mom was extremely grateful for the help and reached out to thank CIS, saying, “I wanted to thank you for caring enough to have someone reach out about the kids’ transportation to and from school. It means a lot that someone cares enough to do that for us.” The effort David’s SC made reduced the mother’s stress of bringing her kids to and from school. David’s attendance is improving so he and his sister are no longer missing valuable instructions from their teachers. His SC continues to work with David and his family to provide the support they need.

*Students’ names have been changed to protect their identity

Spring Fling

Our CIS Site Coordinators work with many students on caseload—meaning they struggle with grades and attendance. The SCs wanted to host an event for these students to encourage them to continue improving academically and continue being present for class. Before Spring Break, they hosted “Spring Fling” for their caseload students. The SCs, in partnership with the schools, brought in food and games to acknowledge and celebrate the students’ hard work. Events like these impact students by giving them positive reinforcement as they strive for success.

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CIS Sets Students and Families Up to Thrive

Growing Together’s Communities in Schools (CIS) team works with students and their families to provide the resources they need to thrive – both in school